What I’ve been reading – May 2023

Snapshot of the covers I read

I’ve read some really flipping good books this year and now I’m going to subject you to my thoughts on what should make its way onto your reading list.

EMPIRE OF PAIN RADDEN KEEFE:Oh man. The Sacklers and their OxyContin drug were the beating (avarice-driven) heart of the opioid epidemic. But seeing the epidemic set in its generational context and how actions of the second generation Sacklers were rooted in the sins of the first was mind-blowing. Also a salutary tale on what happens when you outsource your morals to lawyers (ahem).

WHERE THE LIGHT FELL, YANCEY: I’ve always liked Yancey’s books. I met the man once and he was genuinely kind to me. His memoir was thought provoking, interesting and engaging. Like the man himself. Highly recommend.

JURASSIC PARK, CRICHTON: Somehow I’d never read this book. Stands the test of time as a fun little read.

THE KEY MAN, CLARK AND LOUCHE: I couldn’t put this narrative about the Abraaj rise/collapse down. Heartbreaking for those of us in impact investing, but the story is so utterly absurd and engrossing and maddening. Also funny to read a book where you know some of the players!

THE CULT OF WE, BROWN AND FARRELL: The rise and fall of WeWork and its founder is a rollercoaster of Silicon Valley and VC-fuelled madness. I particularly liked the description of WeWork space as “catnip for millennials”

SENSITIVITY OF THE SPIRIT, RT KENDALL: Very challenging. Stewarding the presence requires the gentleness of dealing with a dove.

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